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monitor key business information from a database, display summary web page and 24 hour
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2 October 2008

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In order to seek any business related information, you often need to go through a large database. This apparently consumes a lot of time and efforts from your part. In this fussy situation, a functional business monitoring application is highly needed. Well, one such application is Amphis - BizMonitor 1.1, which remarkably facilitates users in monitoring the important business information from given database. Further, it also presents the information summary in form of a web page that is accompanied with a web page containing 24-hours history. The application supports monitoring SQL Server, Access databases, and various databases.

Amphis - BizMonitor 1.1 is a user friendly application that provides professional assistance to its users in monitoring the key business data from the databases, in real time. It supports producing the web pages containing the current values, summary and 24 hour history to keep and examine the proper records. The application is easy to set-up and the configurations are trouble-free to set with the help of the configuration pages. You can even set the program to send the email alerts at the time when the defined thresholds have been reached, and it is also capable of sending summary emails relating to current values. Further, the application is also capable of the writing the hourly values to the database, making the history easily accessible for different purposes like producing reports in spreadsheet, creating graphs, etc. It can be used for positive and negative events like met sales targets, system errors, etc.

Amphis - BizMonitor 1.1 application supports you with sophisticated features and inimitable functioning process for monitoring data and generating effective summary reports. Rated with 3.5 points, the utility supports users with expertise functioning, and easily negotiable feature-set for information monitoring from databases.

Publisher's description

Amphis BizMonitor monitors key business information from a database and displays information on a summary web page and 24 hour history web page. It can monitor Access databases, SQL Server or other databases.
It sends (optional) email alerts when defined thresholds are reached and can send (optional) summary emails of current values.
It can also write hourly values to a database (optional) so that the history can be accessed eg to produce reports in a spreadsheet.
Amphis BizMonitor can be easily configured to monitor the key information for your business.
Amphis - BizMonitor
Amphis - BizMonitor
Version 1.1
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